Banque BEMO launches the “Rotating Art” Initiative

In the majestic crypt of Saint Joseph church, at the heart of Beirut, Banque BEMO launched a unique in the world art initiative, the “Rotating Art”, in partnership with “Commercial Insurance” and “Gabriel Rizkallah Art Dealer”; in the presence of a large audience, namely the Bank’s family, friends, artists and media.

With this initiative, Banque BEMO aims to create an oasis of hope and beauty in the midst of the current economic crisis and to put Lebanon at the forefront of art creativity.

During the event, Dr. Riad Obegi, Chairman and General Manager of Banque BEMO, after having thanked all the artists and collectors who made available the artwork on display, said that the “Rotating Art” is a step forward to restore the position of our country as a crossroad for art, to promote the artistic literacy as a fundamental right, to make art more democratic, to support the professional and amateurs artists and to create a friendlier Lebanon through art.

He added “There is no beauty without generosity and Art is the best path of conviviality.  A number of “Rotating Art” friends, drawn monthly, will be able to borrow artwork for free  and enjoy them at their place for one month. The “Rotating Art” project will grow and evolve to create new dynamics and open the way to multiple future activities.”

Dr. Obegi also insisted that “the role of Banque BEMO is limited to the management and administration of the related process”.

 In his turn, Father Gabriel Khairallah welcomed everyone to the Crypt. He focused on the current struggle of Lebanon and the importance of the cultural resistance its people must display. He also notably said: “All Art is sacred and beauty will save the world”.

Father Khairallah invited the audience “to proceed with a prayer “the Meditationas an invitation to watch and listen to the message each piece of art has for us”.

Mr. Gabriel Rizkallah, Art Dealer and President of the Rotating Art Committee gave explanations about the initiative which is a project by Banque BEMO. He thanked all those who contributed to the successful launching and organization of the event and said, “The objective of the Rotating Art is to ensure the democratization of art and make it accessible to a wide audience, to launch and promote Lebanese and non-Lebanese artists, as well as to build a bridge of emotions between the artists and the Friends of the Rotating Art”  

After the speeches, the draw was carried out by artists and 26 pieces of art were hence attributed for free to the winners among those who had already joined the circle of the “Rotating Art Friends”.

For those interested to be part of the circle of “Rotating Art” Friends, please send an email to and, together, let us have 2022 as our Year of Revival.

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