Banque BEMO launches a Deposit Protection Program

 With the unbearable pressure Lebanon is facing amidst the health, social and economic crises, Banque BEMO has consistently stayed besides its clients, trying to find adequate solutions to support them.

As the crisis is taking an increasing toll on the clients, the economy and our society, Banque BEMO is taking the initiative to launch a Deposit Protection Program in collaboration with “BEMO Europe – Banque Privée”, consisting of providing a protection for the Fresh Funds deposits held by individuals or companies, up to an amount of USD 50,000.

The program will be effective first, for the clients holding their accounts at Banque BEMO in Cyprus, and who transfer their deposits to the Bank in Lebanon.

This action comes in line with the Bank’s duties and more specifically helping in restoring faith in the banking sector and the Lebanese Economy; contributing to financial stability and alleviating the distress and burdens the Lebanese are presently facing.

In this context, Banque BEMO stands by its statement “2021 is the year of Faith, and we want to set an example to follow so that Lebanon rises again stronger and we overcome the crisis together”.

About Banque BEMO

Banque BEMO is a commercial Bank whose services and activities cover both the Lebanese and regional market. True to its principles, the Bank focuses on its vision, namely being the reference in Private and Corporate Banking while remaining fully committed to its values: Family Spirit,Professionalism Honesty and Conservatism.

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