” ..! And I said to myself: What a Koala World”

Hayyan Salim Haidar


                                         … And I said to myself”

               ..! What a Koala World   

It is Monday morning, 8th November 2021.. and I skim through the news on various media screens for “Breaking” the new week, and.. here it comes: the main title on CNN’s Top News reads: “Koalas are dying from Chlamydia, and Climate Change is making it worse” solemnly printed under the cute photo of a cuddly Koala bear clinging to that “Enviro” green branch.  And I wondered: Koalas?  I know of, ok.  Do I know Chlamydia, the killer?  No??  So, should I “google” Koala or should I “wiki” Chlamydia

            Is this about Climate Change, the Glasgow Global COP 26 season’s “celebration” mode or is the whole issue centred around the key expression “making it worse”?  But then, Koala is a bear species, a bare fact I understand.  It is an arboreal herbivorous marsupial native to Australia and its closest living relatives are the wombats.  Wombats??.. wow ! how revealing, good to know !  You should read about Chlamydia, a very benign intimate danger compared to other humans’ ill-doings.  Then I thought

“All Animals are born Equal…” (… to be continued) (1)

This “Breaking News” read, I went back to the standard boring news of: Hundreds of bombings around the world, Thousands killed on a “Collateral Damage” basis, some selected “lucky ones” killed in “Friendly Fire” mode, Millions of Wretched of the Earth displaced, deprived, destitute and then replaced all around, every day.  And, comparing all that with the News at the Top, I wavered: should I laugh, should I cry?  Should I sell, should I buy

Somehow it looked like a “The Lord of the Lies” scene.  I went back to the top of the page to peruse the titles again.  The chapters read: Top News / World / U.S. Politics / Business / Health / Style / Travel / Entertainment / World Sports / Opinion.  So I tried to figure out where this piece of Top news could best fit.  Entertainment would be too cruel, Health would be out of place without Dr. Fauci’s permission, WHO cares?  Sports definitely not since the marsupial is of the lazy type, Travel?  No way with Covid restrictions.  So it most probably would fit in Opinion or U.S… yes everything Has to fit in U.S. Something or Another.                And I sang on: should I play, should I pray

“And I said to myself… What A Wonderful World !” (2)

I do not know why I had to feel offended.  It all reminded me of another moment, more  blatant, a more catastrophic situation.  That much mediatised one about a Polar Bear named Arturo (now RiP)(*) when a petition, including names of some “prominent Western Officials”, was signed worldwide to get the despondent polar bear moved from Argentine to Canada, at a time when the Gaza Massacre of July 2014 was being “performed” by “You Know Who Else”, or would you prefer “Breaking it” as “going on” or “taking place”?  And then the “Incident” passed inaperçu

Dear (not the case) CNN.  There will come a day, after a long long while from now when, right at the Top, I shall see the photo, of Mohammad Durra, the little Palestinian Boy who was murdered by the Israeli Defense (Defense??) Forces while being cuddled by his unarmed father who was trying to protect him.  A much much later day will come, when the photo of the very young, repeatedly arrested and tried, Palestinian Girl Ahed Tamimi shall be iconised. !..        There will come that day.  Surely.  CNN or else

“But some Animals are More Equal than Others” (…continued) (1).  I concluded

Anyway… as for now

 “This is a Koala’s World, Koala’s World

… But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing, not one little thing, without crimes or killings…

It’s lost in the Wilderness

It’s is lost in Bitterness, it’s lost lost.” (3)

It is Monday, 8th November 2021, morning.  Wishing you a very ”normal” week.

With all due concern to Koalas

Hayyan Salim Haidar.                                                  Lebanon, Monday 8th of November, 2021 


(*) The curious reader may ask for my article titled “Ubuntu, Arturo and Corona!..” – 2nd April 2020.

(1) “Animal Farm” – George Orwell.

(2) “What a Wonderful World” – song by Louis Armstrong.

(3) “This is a Man’s World” –  song by James Brown.

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