2cards in1 New from Credit Libanaise “International Wallet

New from Credit Libanais“International Wallet”In line with the Bank’s strategy to act proactively in the market to answer customers’ needs; anddue to the current situation Lebanon is going through that imposed a decrease on theinternational limit on all cards for spending abroad

Credit Libanais is proud to launch a new and first-of-its-kind service in Lebanon and the region

the “International Wallet” that will enable cardholders to spend abroad

This innovative and unique feature is free of charge, allowing customers to add an International

Wallet on their existing USD credit card, load it with Fresh Funds & use it abroad with no


In parallel, cardholders can still use the same card in hand locally as per their card limit

By holding one single card, cardholders can spend locally (up to their card available limit) and

internationally (up to their available pre-loaded balance) and keep track of their expenditure via

2 separate SMS received on their phone (SMS for Local Transactions & SMS for International

Transactions) & 2 separate E-statements (E-Statement for Local Transactions to be settled from

the current local USD account & E-Statement for International Transactions displaying the

International Wallet spending details)

Mrs. Randa Bdeir, Deputy General Manager and head of E-payment Solution and Cards

Technology at Credit Libanais stated: “Our mission is to keep providing our customers with the

most advanced and innovative solutions that answers their needs and meets their expectations

especially in the current situation that Lebanon is going through

We put customers at the center of all that we do – this means anticipating our customers’ needs

through superior experience and greater convenience

Mrs. Bdeir added: The advantage of the International Wallet is that “One card will do it all”; since

this unique feature allows cardholders to spend in Lebanon using their card as usual and abroad

using the International Wallet linked on their card. More importantly, any unused Fresh Money

amount will remain available in the international wallet to be used anytime

Cardholders will keep on benefiting from all the privileges offered on their existing card

About Credit Libanais Since its establishment in 1961, Credit Libanais has developed technologically – advanced services to support its business. Today, CL Group is one of the alpha banks in Lebanon and remains deeply rooted in the country.

The Bank has one of the largest networks in Lebanon including local and international outreach in Cyprus,Bahrain and a subsidiary bank in Senegal.

Year after year, Credit Libanais reaffirms its commitment to conducting business with high ethical standards and sustainability in mind

For more information about Credit Libanais, please contact: Mr. Said Fakhr, +961-1-209684, sfakhr@cl.com.lb

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